3 Advantages for Alt-A and Non-Conforming Loans in Tampa, FL

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Trouble Getting Approved by a Bank? An Alt-A Loan May Be the Answer

You should not be prevented from obtaining a loan for your business or investment simply because your loan may fall outside the “bankable” lending guidelines. These days there are plenty of resources available with your local lenders. There are also many nationwide and global resources that are accessible for a wide variety of funding scenarios. If you find yourself unable to obtain a loan from a bank, consider an Alt-A loan. In addition to enjoying favorable rates and terms as well as a speedy loan approval process, here are three great advantages to getting an Alt-A loan:

1. No minimum credit score: many Alt-A loans are not limited to the credit score requirements of banks and other financial institutions. This is always helpful if you have had some struggles with credit scores in the past.
2. Fast track to funding: unlike banks, many non-conforming loans can obtain funding in 30-60 days. In some situations, funding can occur in less than a month.
3. Higher Loan Amounts: Alt-A loans offer greater funding opportunities. More capital is available than with conforming loans.

Again, just because your loan may not be “bankable” according to most bank guidelines, you can still secure the capital you need to achieve your business and investment goals. After researching your options, considering an Alt-A loan may be the answer you were looking for.

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