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Bridge Loans Fill Cash Gaps for Tampa Commercial Real Estate

When you need a short-term loan to fill a need for cash, bridge financing (also known as a commercial bridge loan) could be the lending program that provides a good solution to “bridge” the gap.

Short-Term Financing

A bridge loan can provide the temporary financing you need to enable the purchase, rehab, or development of a commercial property. Bridge loans can provide short-term loans when permanent funding is not an option.

As a top commercial lending specialist in the Tampa, Florida, area, Manatee Mortgage Consultants has access to dozens of bridge loan programs to assist you getting the short-term, hard money financing you need for your commercial investment or development project.

The commercial bridge program below is just one of many available through Manatee Mortgage Consultants.

Commercial Bridge Loan Features:

Bridge Loan size:

From $1 million to $70 million.

Property types: 

All types considered including:

  • multifamily property
  • office and business property
  • industrial
  • retail
  • hotel
  • land

Bridge Loan Terms

1 to 3 year loans with extension options.

Bridge Loan Interest rates: 

From 6.75%
LTV (Loan-to-value ratio): Up to 75%

Bridge Loan Fees: 

From 1.5%

Uses of Proceeds: 

  • property acquisition
  • restructuring
  • discounted payoffs
  • purchase of notes
  • improvements
  • development

A commercial bridge loan might be just the program you need to finance your real estate development and investment goals.

Contact us today for your free no obligation commercial bridge loan consultation.

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