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Commercial Bridge Loans for Real Estate, Tampa, Florida

 A Commercial Bridge Loan, also called a “swing loan” or “gap financing,” is a short-term loan used to fill the financial gap between selling one property and buying another. Bridge loans can also provide quick funding to cover the costs of a renovation. Investors and business owners frequently have their cash tied up in a property. If an opportunity with a strong value proposition comes along, they may not have immediate access to funds. Securing financing from a conventional bank takes time and requires rigorous approval criteria.

Manatee Mortgage Consultants specializes in alternative commercial bridge financing. We offer creative, short-term solutions that will “bridge” that lack of access to money when you need it.

Our loan resources include a robust local and global network of bridge lenders who are actively seeking commercial funding opportunities. We know exactly where they want to target investments. That is why we can tailor loans specifically to your needs while also negotiating the best possible rates and terms.

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Florida Bridge Loans for Commercial Real Estate

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Pros and Cons of Commercial Bridge Loans


  • Fast access to capital
  • Quick repayment
  • Flexible approval criteria


  • Loans usually need to be repaid within 36 months
  • Exit strategy is needed
  • Cost of loans can be expensive due to the risk involved for the lender

Qualifying for a Commercial Bridge Loan

Manatee Mortgage Consultants has decades of experience in commercial bridge financing. Our online loan application process is fast and streamlined to help you get approved and funded as quickly as possible, sometimes within 24-48 hours of approval.

We work with borrowers who may have credit issues or a less than perfect credit scores. Our lenders understand the individual circumstances of debt obligations that exist in the commercial real estate market. We will work hard to get you the best repayment terms and exit strategy regardless of credit challenges.

Manatee Mortgage Consultants are industry leaders in commercial bridge loans in Tampa, Florida.  Our proven track record as the go-to source of additional capital and quick funding for commercial investment properties will help you beat your real estate market competition.


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